Katie Smart - exploring new ways to make a difference in education


Welcome to my website.  Through this website I'll be exploring ways to use technology in my classroom and more specifically for English Language Learners.  I am always searching for new teaching strategies and concepts to build upon my teaching philosophy as well as ways to better my student's eduction and understandings.

My Background

I am originally from a town just North of Seattle but moved down to Oregon when I started my undergrad at Western Oregon University.  I completed my Elementary Education degree in the Spring of 2011 and have been working as a substitute ever since.  I am currently doing a long-term substitute position for a rural town east of Salem in a 3rd grade classroom.  I decided to work towards my Master's of Science in Education: Information Technology as a substituted throughout the school year.  My hope is that with my degree in technology I can be at the forefront of the technology wave that is hitting education.  There is so much potential in using technology within our schools and I want to know it all.


I believe that every student has the potential to reach greatness and through their teacher the door to greatness can be opened.  I hope to inspire, connect, and encourage every one of my students.  If a student loves to come to school and learn then I'm doing my job right.


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